Chef Charl Crause

Chef Charl Crause

Chef Charl CrauseChef Charl Crause  started his passion for Cooking at the age of 15 years, when taking home economics as his favourite subject in school, he was awarded the Trophy for best Matriculant in Home economics in the Free state province.  That is where the cheffing passion started and since he had a passion for Culinary arts.

Charl studied at FBI Chef school, first student of 6 to open the first FBI branch in Bloemfontein, and studied under the guidance and mentors, Chef Kevin Gericke & Leslie Jacobs.

At the age of 21, starting to pursue his career in very high positions, Executive Chef in the industry until the age of 32 then decided to go over to an educational career as he loves to carry over his knowledge forward to others.

Chef Charl Crause holds a BSc Degree in Natural medicine, and is a certified personal trainer & fitness instructor along with his Advanced Diploma in Culinary arts & Patisserie studies. His ongoing goal is to study Advanced Nutrition and to give the best education towards his students.

Chef Charl’s motto in life: “Make the best of every situation that presents itself, be open to learning from yourself and others, believe that everyday is a day of new beginnings and learning experience.”